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Residential Services

Creating the Perfect Indoor Environment for Your Home

Your home is your protection from the outside world, but it shouldn’t feel like the world outside. You should be able to control the elements – heat, humidity and air quality – all at the tip of your fingers.

With years of experience in residential heating and cooling, we can offer you a complete line of heating and cooling systems and services that bring you comfort. With our help, you can accurately control your house and make the perfect climate.

Our heating options include Trane and AirTemp Systems:

  • 2-Stage, Gas Fired Variable Speed Furnaces – Most home heating systems can only deliver air at one speed, resulting in the same amount of heat and air flow, no matter what the temperature is outside.  With a 2-stage, variable speed furnace, you receive a system that operates at different speeds to control the temperature better.  Variable speed systems provide more warmth or coolness to keep temperatures steady throughout the day and night. Economically, your system is working at lower speeds and is using less energy.  Decreased energy use is the best way to lower your monthly electricity bills.

Our cooling options include Trane and AirTemp Systems:

  1. Air conditioners – Today’s air conditioners are more efficient then ever, cooling your house with a variety of variable speed and high efficiency models. The products we offer are extremely reliable and durable, especially in those times when you need them the most. The systems include variable-speed models that start up at a low speed – so you will not hear a lot of noises that older units would make. Since a variable-speed fan can run at lower speeds, the air circulates better and removes the extra humidity throughout your home.
  2. Overhead systems  – cool your house from the top down.  Streams of conditioned air enter each room and gently mix with the air currents, eliminating unwanted drafts.

Other residential options include:

  • Ductless Units – want a system installed but don’t want to tear through the house?  Install a ductless unit.
  • Programmable Thermostats – enjoy comfortable climates with energy saving benefits. Digital thermostats allow you to schedule the temperatures and times you desire.
  • Zoning – activate heating/cooling systems in the zones you are using while closing the unused areas. Perfect for multi-level homes!
  • Humidifiers – add moisture to the air on those cold winter days. With humidity in the air, you can keep your thermostat at lower settings while still feeling comfortable.
  • Air Purifiers – allergens and airborne particles can creep into the tiniest of holes. Protect your family by removing them from the air.

Additions and Renovations:

Most additions and renovations require some type of ductwork and/or equipment upgrades. Adding square footage to a house can increase the load requirements – perhaps making it too much for your existing system to handle. Upgrading your equipment or using zone dampers can meet the changing load requirements.

Custom Installation for New Homes:

Larger homes have different needs and require custom planning – from ductwork placement to specialized equipment installation. To heat and cool the house as planned, most homeowners need to participate in the preparation.

We know that choosing the right system can be difficult.  At Nardi Heating & Air Conditioning, we can guide you and offer different options that fit your needs. We make and install our own made-to-order ductwork so your house will receive the perfect custom-built system.